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Pure Essential Oils

1. Agarwood (Aquilaria subintegra - Thailand)

Thailand is one of the top quality producer of Agarwood. Our Agarwood hydrosol is by product of Agarwood Oil that obtained by distillation of 7-8 years Aquilaria subintegra heartwood. This is originally grown in the ancient rainforest border of Thailand and Cambodia and now farming in eastern area of Thailand. This hydrosol offers complex unusual woody bottom note that can be added in water part for excellent note of exotic luxury perfumes. Therapeutically, the exquisite fragrance of Agarwood oil helps to lifts spirits, balance moods and dispels negative emotions.


Pure Essential Oils

2. Rock Rose (Cistus ladaniferus - Spain)

Cistus ladaniferus is a shrub that grows wild in a wide area of the Mediterranean basin. The essential oil is distilled from leaf and twig that offer soft herbaceous, honey-like aroma with very powerful healing properties to the skin. The oil is natural wound healer which helps to stop bleeding and hemorrhaging. The cicatrizant properties of this oil also make it one of the best essential oil for wound healing and scars, resulting from accidents or cosmetic surgery. Hydrosol is suitable for using directly with the skin or those who has very sensitive skin.


Pure Essential Oils

3. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia - France)

Lavender Essential Oil is valuable for most skin conditions since it promotes growth of new cells and exerts a balancing action on sebum. It has pronounced healing effect on burns and sunburn and helpful in cases of acne and eczema. Also said to heal abscesses, boils and carbuncles as well as minimize fungal growths, scarring and gangrenous wounds. It has positive effect on mind, cleanses and soothes the spirit relieving anger and exhaustion, resulting in a calmer approach to life. Has a sedative action that giving effective relief from insomnia.


Pure Essential Oils

4. Orange Blossom (Citrus aurantium - Morocco)

Neroli is the best choice to treat anxiety and other problems of an emotional or psychological origin. Traditionally used in wedding bouquets, it calms and soothes the nerves before major events. Neroli also helps those with long-term, chronic anxiety and can help to alleviate panic attacks and shock. Psychologically, this oil is calming and uplifting, especially for those who are easily agitated, emotionally unstable or insecure, and it eases the intensity of strong emotions. It is a useful aid to meditation and facilitates spiritual healing.


Pure Essential Oils

5. Rose Damask (Rosa damascena - Bulgaria)

Rose otto has often been described as the queen of flowers, and for many aromatherapists there is no finer essential oil. Rose comforts the heart in grief and helps the bereaved, as well as those grieving for the end of a relationship. Rose is tonic of the physical heart and also lifts the spirits, allays anxiety and is generally nurturing. Overall, it is quite exquisite; it is tender, uplifting and soothing. Its valuable skin-care qualities and fragrance make it a good choice in caring for the skin. Rose alleviates sorrow, sadness and supporting you until the mood shifts.


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